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DMZ Tour


6:00AM -  Pick up at your hotel.  After having breakfast, the bus will take you to Quang Tri province on Route.9 to visit:
- Rock pile: a base for American long range artillery nearby.
- Dakrong bridge: crossing the Dakrong river.
- Ho Chi Minh trail: was a logistical system that ran from the North Vietnam to the South Vietnam through the neighboring kingdoms of Laos and Cambodia.
- Khe Sanh combat base: is a valley surrounded entirely by rolling mountains and forest. Was one of the most controversial battles – of the American War.

After lunch, we will drive on High Way 1A to see:
- Dong Ha Town: it was the location on a strategically important U.S. Marine Combat Base, an outpost to provide surveillance of troops movements across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
- Hien Luong bridge, known as the "Peace Bridge", a beam bridge built from steel by the French in 1950.
- Ben Hai river, an important landmark in the partition of the country into a northern and a southern zone along the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords 1954.
- Vinh Moc tunnels: The complex of tunnel, located deep in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone, grew to include wells, kitchens, rooms for each family and spaces for healthcare.
At 4:30PM, the bus goes back to Hue and arrives Hue around 6:00PM.